What is a Direct Data Feed?

A Data feed is a direct link to RateMyAgent from your multi-loader software providers such as MyDesktop, PortPlus, Multiarray, E2 and ReNet to name a few.

What does it cost?

It is free to setup and free to use. You can set this up with or without a subscription.

What are the Benefits?

Establishing a direct Data Feed to RateMyAgent is a free service and comes with many benefits:

  • This is the best method to ensure that your team profiles are up to date and rankings maximised.
  • Complete control over what is displayed on your RateMyAgent profiles.
  • Off-market sales can be uploaded to RateMyAgent for credit in your sale statistics and rankings, enabling client reviews to be collected for off-market transactions.
  • Immediate profile updates of listing and sale activity. No lag time for listing uploads and no separate processes to manage your RateMyAgent profiles.
  • Free listing and sold pages.
  • All properties displayed with full photography and floor plans.

Ready to get connected?

Click here for a set up guide

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