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  • The below feature is mostly utilised in the event of an off-market transaction.
  • This process can only be completed by an Agency Admin or someone who has access to the agency profile. Need access? Click here to find out more.

Step 1: Go to Agency Dashboard and click Sales

Step 2: Click into Listings from the left hand side menu and then Add Listing

Step 3:
Fill in the Property Address (make sure you select it from the dropdown), and then click Next

Step 4: Select the Listing Status (Sold or Active) and then Next

Step 5: Add the Lead, Supporting, and Sales Agents followed by Next

Step 6: Add Images. You can select 1 image to be your Hero Image which will be the main image on the site, and you can also select a Floor Plan. Click Next

Step 7: Enter the Property Details (Numbers of Beds, Bath, etc.) and click Next

Step 8: Complete the Listing Details (Title, Description, Price etc.) and click Next.

Step 9: If the property is sold, you will be prompted to complete the Sale Details.

Step 10: Check over the information you have input. If incorrect, click Edit to amend. If correct, click Submit. Your listing has been added!

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