At some point you may receive a “non-recommended” review from a client, and can it hurt, but is it really as bad as you think it is? Probably not. These reviews can be useful!

  1. Negative reviews contrast against Positive reviews.

Negative reviews make your positive reviews shine! Naturally consumers will compare positive reviews to negative reviews. If you receive a negative review its highly likely that consumers will believe all the positive reviews.

2.   Negative reviews can be trustworthy.

Nothing is perfect, no agent, no product, nothing. You should never try to hide something that went wrong. Consumers will more likely trust you if you show that you are not perfect. If you had a squeaky clean record, they may think something's up and that your reviews are not genuine.

3. Negative reviews create opportunities.

 We need to know our weaknesses in order to improve. If something goes wrong, you can use it. Sometimes things go wrong that are out of your control but sometimes we make mistakes. Negative reviews are a good opportunity to help you learn and nail it the next time. Respond to your clients, show them that it’s as important to you as it is to them. How to reply to a review

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