This is how the badges are displayed. If you are eligible and on a premium profile, these will appear directly below your profile picture.


There are 3 types of achievement badges that can be displayed on an agent's profile.

1. Top 20% nationwide

This badge is given for high level of customer satisfaction and the agent is in the top 20% of agents nationally for their Review/Sales Ratio (RSR).

Requirement: You must have sold at least 10 properties to be eligible.

For more details on Review/Sales Ratio (RSR):
United States
Australia & New Zealand

2. Trusted Agent Badge

This agent is confident that they provide exceptional service to all their clients. They do not filter their requests and are also open to more critical, constructive reviews.

Requirement: This agent must have requested reviews for every single Lead Agent listing in the last 12 months. United States: 100% of buyer and seller reviews requested, 0 dismissed. Australia & New Zealand: 100% of vendor reviews requested, 0 dismissed. You must have sold at least 10 properties to be eligible.

3. Multi-Award Winner Badge

This badge is given to an agent who has won a specific Agent of the Year award twice or more.

Requirement: The agent needs to have won the same award, across multiple years, either nationally, or at state, region, city, county (US only) or suburb (ANZ only) level. The awards do not have to be for consecutive years.

Agents are required to be a starter subscription or a higher subscription tier to unlock the display of recognition badges on their profile.

Find out about AUS Subscriptions here
Find out about NZ subscriptions here

Find out about USA subscriptions here


Q. I should qualify for one of the recognition badges, why does it not show?

These recognition badges are applied based on the data we have available on our platform. If you qualify for a recognition badge it will appear on your premium profile.

Do Supporting Agent reviews count for recognition badges?

No, only Lead agent Reviews are counted

Q. I have other achievements I would like to highlight, can you do this for me?

At the moment we cannot accommodate individual requests for custom achievement badges. However, we will take your request as feedback and will consider its inclusion in the event RateMyAgent expands the number and type of achievements in future.

Q. I'm pretty sure I won an award before 2017, why isn't it there?

At this stage, we can only show awards from 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022. We do not currently have the ability to include years prior to this, but we'll provide an update if they do become available.

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