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How can I share my tagging list with my colleagues?
How can I share my tagging list with my colleagues?

Create a share link

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You've created a list of favorite influencers for your campaign and now you want to share it with your colleagues who don't have access to the platform?

This is possible by creating a link to the tagginglist. To do this, go to the "Tags" tab under the "Search Engine" item. On the right side you will see all the influencer lists that you have created.

If you now move the cursor over the list you want to share, you will see a trash can icon and a link icon to the right. Now click on the link icon and on the field "Create Share Link".

Next, you can give the link a name and set what information should be included. After selecting the desired details, click on "Save Share Link".

Now you have created a link to your tagging list. To share it, go to the respective influencer list again. Next to the trash and link icon, a copy function appears. With a click on it, the link is copied and you can easily share it with your colleagues.

If you have any questions about tagginglists, please feel free to contact us at

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