How does the campaign chat working?
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The integrated campaign chat allows you to communicate directly with your influencers, content creators and brand ambassadors during the campaign. Questions, requests, etc. can be clarified and communicated quickly and easily. You can find out exactly how the chat works and what functions it offers here.

Under "Confirmation" you get an overview of your campaign and the participating influencers.

In the overview, you can always see under the influencer name if further action needs to be taken. Click on one of the downward arrows to get an overview of the influencers' actions and to send messages in the chat.

The chat is divided into different sections on the left side:

General Chat: This is the "main chat" for the campaign with the respective influencer.

Campaign Information: Here you will find the campaign briefing, mentions and hashtags that you have previously deposited in the campaign.

Actions: Here you will find a list of all actions (posts, videos, prizes, etc.), sorted by their status (pending, active, finished).

Der Chat

In the general chat you can write all the information to the influencer. Just type your message and press "Send".

As you can see in the video, it is possible to assign messages to a specific action. For example, if you want to write a comment or question about a specific action, e.g. "Instagram Post 1", click on the "@" next to "send" and select the desired tag.

Tip: You can select multiple tags per message. Messages that you tag in General Chat will automatically end up in the chat for that action.

When you write a message in the chat of an action, it automatically receives the corresponding tag. The influencer will be informed about your message by email.

If you have any questions about the chat, please feel free to contact

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