How does the campaign reporting work?
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The reporting provides information about the overall performance of the campaign as well as the individual performance of the influencers.

If you are in the dashboard, you can access the reporting by clicking on "Live Analytics". If you are already in the campaign and it is not yet completed, click on "Check Live Analytics" in the upper right corner.

It is possible to share the reporting as a link. To do this, click on the "Share" icon to create a corresponding link.

You can also download the report as a jpeg by clicking on the image icon.

The individual reporting sections are explained in more detail below.

Reporting Summary

The Reporting Summary category provides a clear summary of the most important campaign facts.


The category "Visibility" contains the cumulative number of followers (green bar) of all influencers, the "estimated impressions" and the "estimated unique reaches".

  • Est. impressions (red bar)A value determined on the basis of historical Reachbird data. It shows an estimated number of impressions delivered by the campaign.

  • Est. unique reaches (yellow bar)A value determined on the basis of historical Reachbird data. It shows the estimated number of unique reaches reached by the campaign.


On the left side, a distinction is made between "Total Engagement", Likes and Comments.

  • Total Engagement = Sum of Likes and Comments of all actions of the campaign.

  • Likes = Sum of all campaign-related likes

  • Comments = Sum of all campaign related comments

On the right side you will find the "Sentiment", which represents how followers reacted to the posts created. This results from an analysis of the collected comments and reactions. In addition, other metrics (video view rate, reel view rate, post engagement rate, story view rate) are given below it.

You can find more information about relevant campaign KPIs and their importance here:

Campaign Engagement Timeline

The chart describes at which points in time engagements, with the campaign content, have taken place.


Here the general benchmark ("benchmark") and the campaign specific values ("this campaign") are compared. The benchmark is based on all collected data, of the completed campaigns. This comparison is done for the cost per engagement (left) on the one hand and for the engagement rate (right) on the other hand.

Cost / Eng. = The monetary value spent per engagement.

Brand accounts

If a link to a specific account was specified during campaign creation, this section will display a corresponding chart showing the follower growth during the campaign runtime.

Campaign Actions

All actions of the influencers are displayed here with the corresponding insights.

Chat history

After the campaign is finished, the chat is archived here. However, it is no longer possible to send messages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time:

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