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How do I fill in my personal details?

Important information about you

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After you have successfully registered with us, the next step is to fill in your profile details in the tool. A detailed description of your person increases the probability of receiving cooperation requests.

To do so, log in and select the menu item "Profile Details" on the right side.

IMPORTANT: All information provided in this section can be viewed by our customers.

1. about me

Write a short text about yourself and what makes you special as an influencer or content creator. There are no limits to your creativity. When you are done, save your text by clicking on "Save".

2. yes/no questions

In addition, we have packaged the most important questions from customers in a yes/no format. Please answer them by clicking on the option that applies to you.

3. interests, skills and references

For many campaigns, your interests, skills and credentials play a critical role.

  • Interests: Show potential customers how versatile you are. Your interests show how much you fit the campaign or the values of the company.

  • Skills: Here you can show the customer what else you can do. No matter if sports, technical skills or other talents. Skills like Photoshop, writing, etc. can make all the difference.

  • References: As in any other business, previous references play an important role in showing experience. So state which brands/brands you have already worked with successfully.

  • Favorite brands: Do you know brands you would like to work with? Then share them with us and we will keep an eye on them.

  • Additional Information: This section gives you the opportunity to also share current information such as travel plans, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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