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How do I connect my Pinterest account?
How do I connect my Pinterest account?
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In order for potential customers to find you on Reachbird, you need to connect at least one of your social media accounts on Reachbird. The more accounts you have connected, the more likely you are to receive collaboration requests.

Below you will learn how to link your Pinterest account.

1. If you have already registered, click on the menu item "Social Accounts" in the tool and then on "Connect Pinterest". If you are currently linking your first account in the course of registration, then click on "Continue Verification" under the Pinterest icon.

You can find out more about the registration process here.

2. Next, the official Pinterest login page will open. If you are already signed in with your real account, you can simply confirm it. Otherwise, you need to sign in to Pinterest first to connect your account.

3. In the next step, click on "Grant access" to connect your Pinterest account with your Reachbird profile. Info: This will not give us access to your account itself and we will not be able to see your secret pinboards!

4. You can also enter your individual prices for the different pin formats in the "My Payout" field. Orientate yourself on the effort for the respective pin format.

The price that is displayed to customers on Reachbird is called "Total Price". If you want to negotiate the price with a client in the campaign process, you should ALWAYS talk about the "Total Price". The difference between the two prices is Reachbird's service & referral fee (15%), which is only charged in case of a successful cooperation referral. Registration including all services and features is free for Influencers on Reachbird.

If you have any questions about linking your social media accounts or setting prices, please contact us at

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