Where do I set my influencer prices?
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As soon as you have registered with us and linked at least one social media account, you are ready to go.

While you are linking your social media accounts, you will be asked to enter your individual price for each promotion (post, story, blog post, etc.) in the final step.

Of course, your prices may change over time. On the "Social Accounts" tab, you can edit your stored prices for the respective social media account by clicking on the three dots. Enter your changed price in the "My Payout" field and click on "Save".

The price that is displayed to customers on Reachbird is called "Total Price". If you want to negotiate the price with a client in the campaign process, you should ALWAYS talk about the "Total Price". The difference between the two prices is Reachbird's service & referral fee (15%), which is only charged in case of a successful cooperation referral.

If you have any further questions about the prices, please contact us at any time at social@reachbird.io.

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