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How does the payment after campaign work?
How does the payment after campaign work?

The crediting procedure at Reachbird

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The payment process

Payment at Reachbird is made via "Credit Notes", i.e. according to the credit note procedure, so that the effort of invoicing is eliminated for you. As soon as you have successfully completed a campaign on Reachbird, we will transfer your earnings (minus our 15% service & agency fee) to your specified account within 45 days.


In order for us to be able to create the credit note for you, it is necessary that you enter all the required information in the "Settings" tab under the "Accounting" section. Make sure that you have entered your bank details and your tax number completely and correctly. Otherwise we can not pay you the money.


You can find the exact amounts and all payment-related information in your Reachbird profile under the menu item "Payments".

The "Payments" tab contains the following sections:

  • Amount active campaigns

    This section shows you the total amount minus our 15% service & referral fee in your active and running campaigns. Once an active campaign is closed, this amount will be added to your "Outstanding payouts".

  • Outstanding payouts

    The amount in this section represents the total amount of all completed campaigns (minus our 15% service & referral fee), which will be converted into a credit and paid out by the end of the following month.

  • Credit notes

    On the 15th of each month we generate "Credit Notes" which you can use for your accounting. You can download them in English or German. They also show the status of your payment.

    To clarify when payment is made to your account, here is an example:

    For completed services in the period from 15.01 - 14.02, payment is made at the end of February.

  • Total money paid out on Reachbird

    Here you can see the amount you have earned on Reachbird so far.

If you have any questions about your payment, feel free to contact us at

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