When do I have to post?
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If your drafts have been approved by the client as part of the campaign, you may publish them.

You can usually find out when the content is to be published in the briefing. You can find the briefing in the respective campaign under the chat tab "Campaign Information".

In addition, draft and posting periods are stored in the tool for each posted action (post, story, video, etc.). To view these, simply click on the respective action. At the very top of the action's chat, you will see the defined time periods that you should follow for publishing your drafts.

Important: Always note in which order you should post which actions. In addition, it may well be that the customer wants certain times for the publication. If you have any questions or are unclear about the publication, you can always ask via the campaign chat.

You can find out how the campaign chat works in detail here.

If you have any further questions about the campaign process, please feel free to contact social@reachbird.io.

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