How do I create my podcast calendar?
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Where can I find the podcast calendar?

To get to your podcast calendar, you need to have linked your podcast to Reachbird in the first step. If you haven't done that yet, you can find more information about verification here.

Then, under the "Social Accounts" section, click "Settings" under your connected podcast and select the "Calender" tab. The following window will open:

What do I need the calendar for?

On the one hand, the calendar should help you to indicate your booking possibilities and to keep an overview of them. On the other hand, the calendar simplifies the booking process for your (potential) customers.

To create your podcast calendar as fast and structured as possible, please follow these steps:

  1. At the beginning there are no entries in your calendar. Select the first day on which placements in your podcast are bookable and click on it. Then this window will open.

  2. Now select the first placement e.g. Pre-roll. Set the status to "Free".

  3. Now check the "Recurring" box to create a recurring placement. Then choose the rhythm of your podcast e.g. every 2 weeks.

  4. Repeat step 2-3 for each placement you want to offer.

  5. Afterwards you can delete single dates manually, if necessary. This can be used for a summer break, for example.

What do the different colors of the dates stand for?

  • Green = Free
    (The placement is free and can be requested by customers)

  • Orange = Reserved by you
    (You can reserve individual placements manually yourself to prevent them from being booked by other customers)

  • Red = Reserved by campaign
    (These appointments have been reserved within a campaign via Reachbird. Click on the appointment to learn more about the campaign).

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

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