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What requirements must be met before social ads can be placed on my account?
What requirements must be met before social ads can be placed on my account?

In relation to Instagram, Facebook and TikTok Ads

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Social ads are often used in campaigns as a supplement to organic content. Influencer social ads, i.e. ads that are played directly via the content creator's account, are particularly popular because they appear especially credible and less promotional.

You can find out more about social ads, why they are used and what advantages they offer influencers here.

This FAQ will explain what is necessary for these influencer social ads to be played. The platforms Facebook, Instagram and TikTok will be examined in more detail.

Ads on Facebook & Instagram

Ads on Facebook and Instagram both run via the Facebook Business Manager. The first requirement is that you create an advertising account as an influencer and link your Facebook and Instagram account to it.

You can find detailed instructions here.

In order for the company or agency (such as Reachbird) with which you work to be able to place ads via your account, it is necessary that you add them as a partner. This is possible under the company settings. To do this, click on "Partner" in the left-hand menu bar under the item "Users".

Then click on "Add" under "Partner with whom you share assets".

You will then be asked to enter the ID of the partner. This must be provided to you in advance.

After successful entry, move the slider for "Create advertisements" to the right under the tab "Classic page version".

In order to be able to display ads on Instagram, it is necessary that you also move the slider to the right under "Instagram accounts" and then click on "Save changes".

Once you have completed these steps, your posts can be played out with budget by your partner. It's also important to note that none of these steps involve you sharing sensitive information such as passwords.


With regard to TikTok, so-called Spark Ads can be played out. Existing content is extended with a budget. The prerequisite is that a code is created by the influencer for the corresponding video.

This code is then stored in the TikTok Ad Manager by the company or agency, such as Reachbird, and enables the TikTok video to be pushed monetarily.

The following explains how you can generate this code.

To do so, click on the three dashes in the top right corner of your TikTok profile and then on "Creator tools".

Here you move the slider at "Display settings" to the right to activate it.

Then go to the video that is to be extended with the help of social ads and click on the three dots below the comment icon. Then go to the ad settings.

Now you are in the individual ad settings for the respective video. Next, activate the "Ad authorisation" by moving the slider to the right. Also agree to the terms of use for advertising content so that you can then click on "Generate code" to create the code.

A window will then open automatically in which you can select the authorisation period. Here you can choose whether the code should be valid for 7, 30, 60 or 365 days. Once you have decided, click on "Authorise" and the code will be generated.

Finally, copy the code and send it to the company or agency so that they can integrate the video into the TikTok Ad Manager. As soon as your video is successfully used as an ad, you will receive a notification in your TikTok app.

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