What is an application campaign?
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Generally, campaigns on our platform are run in such a way that advertisers use our search engine to find the right influencers for the campaign and send them an offer. Application campaigns, on the other hand, combine the advantage of a typical influencer marketplace with the Reachbird concept of proactively approaching selected influencers. With Application Campaigns, a campaign is sent to various influencers, and they then have the opportunity to "apply" to participate.

Here's how to create an Application Campaign:

When creating a new campaign, the first step is to check the "Application Campaign" checkbox next to the general information.

In the next step, the relevant group of influencers can be selected. For this, you set the relevant filters and have the option to search for keywords. You can also filter inlfuencers by follower count, engagement rate, country, gender and other details about the profiles.

You can read more about this in the article: How does the search engine work?

Depending on which filters you have set, a selection of suitable influencers will be displayed. By clicking the button "Add all to selection" you can name and confirm this selection in the next step.

All influencers who are in this selection will then see the campaign on their dashboard and receive a notification by mail.

In the next step "Selection" you get an overview of all influencers to whom the campaign is displayed. The number of "Selected Accounts" may differ from the number of "Influencers who will see this campaign", as influencers can choose in their settings whether they want to participate in Application Campaigns.

The Content Pieces and Draft and Post periods for the campaign are also specified in this step. In addition, a price can optionally be set for the respective campaigns. By selecting the checkbox "Negotiable", you can also choose whether or not to negotiate this price with the influencers.

In the following step, you can present your expectations and the product to the influencers as part of the briefing process. In addition to the reward (product that the influencer will receive) and the reward limit (max. number of participants), you can also upload a picture of the product and detailed briefing documents.

For more information on how to upload the briefing, click here: How do I upload the campaign briefing?

In the "Confirmation" step you will get an overview of the current status of the campaign and you can view the drafts, commitments and prices.

If you have further questions about Application Campaigns, please contact us at any time at social@reachbird.io

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