In order to compare the advertising impact of influencers' social media channels, key figures are needed. It is not enough to simply compare the number of followers, because the quality of the profiles and the associated prices only become apparent when other ratios are also considered. For this purpose, some common KPIs are used in influencer marketing. Among other things, the intensity of interactions or the price for reaching 1000 people can be compared with each other.

One of the most relevant metrics is the engagement rate. Here, likes, comments and shares are summarized and put in relation to the number of followers of a profile. Some social media platforms, such as Instagram, now also offer their users the option of hiding the number of likes. To gain insight into the efficiency of the reach, the comment-follower rate (CFR) can be considered.

The comment-follower rate makes it possible to compare the interactions of accounts on which likes are deactivated and therefore offers a reliable metric for advertising measures in connection with influencers.

The ratio is calculated by putting the comments of a post in relation to the number of followers. The result shows the percentage of followers who actively engage with the posts of the influencer.

In RTECH, you can find the comment follower rate in the overview of metrics of an influencer's profile, right next to the average engagement rate as CFR. In the influencer's profile, the CFR is displayed in the overview of KPIs at the top of the page.

Since a comment requires much more involvement than a Like, this value can provide a profound insight into the quality of the followers. Among other things, the followers' interest in the influencers' content becomes more apparent and influencers of different sizes can be compared with each other.

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