How do I connect my LinkedIn account?
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For potential campaigns, cooperation partners search for influencers on our platform RTECH. To be found in the searches, you must add at least one social media profile to your account.
Being represented on different platforms increases your chances of being booked.
This also includes the business network LinkedIn, on which brands implement influencer marketing campaigns, especially in the business-to-business context.

In the following, you will learn how to link your LinkedIn account:

1. If you are currently linking your first account in the course of registration, then click on "Connect LinkedIn " under the LinkedIn icon. You can find more information about the registration process here.

2. If you have already registered and want to add LinkedIn as an additional account, click on the "Social Accounts" menu item in the tool and select "Connect LinkedIn" below the LinkedIn icon.

3. This will redirect you to the LinkedIn login page. You can log in like usual with your access data. You will then be asked for your consent to the data transfer. If you agree to this, we can display your KPIs and account information in RTECH. Of course, we will not have access to your LinkedIn profile, nor will we be able to see your password.

After the authorization process, your account is successfully connected to RTECH. You can now enter your desired LinkedIn post price at "My Payout".

The price displayed to cooperation partners is the "Total Price". If you want to negotiate the price with a client in the campaign process, you should ALWAYS talk about the "Total Price". The difference between the two prices is Reachbird's service & referral fee (15%), which is only charged in case of a successful cooperation referral. Registration, including all services and features, is free for Influencers on Reachbird.

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4. Finished! Now everything is ready for your first LinkedIn campaign.

If you have any questions about linking your social media accounts or setting prices, feel free to contact us at

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