ACR 99
(OPPOSE) - Regardless of what Scripture says, and the thousands of years the Church has been counseling men and women to live according to God's design for sexuality, the state is now equating biblically based counseling with California's banned "conversion therapy."

(UPDATE 9-13-19) - ACR 99 has passed both the California Assembly and Senate. It is now a standing resolution.

- Chemical Abortion mandate at UC & CSU Health Centers and amended to require no evaluation of readiness.

(UPDATE 9-13-19) - SB 24 has passed both the California Senate and Assembly. It is now on the Governor's desk. Click on the Take Action button to email Governor Newsom and urge a VETO for SB 24.

AB 624
(OPPOSE) - Student ID cards to include sexual or reproductive hotline at public colleges and universities.

UPDATE (9/6/19) - Passed both houses, now at Governor Newsom's desk for signature. Contact Gov. Newsom's office to urge him to oppose this bill.

SB 2
(OPPOSE) -  Database to follow students preschool thru employment. 

AB 493
(OPPOSE) - Teachers: in-service training: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning pupil resources.

SB 276 (SUPPORT) - Medical Exemptions for Vaccinations.

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