2023 Legislation
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The 2023-2024 California legislative year has begun and legislators are currently introducing their bills for the year. We are monitoring all bills carefully to ensure we are tracking any bill relating to Biblical family values. Click the button below to view our current list of bills we are tracking for the year.

AB 223 – Hiding Legal Documents from Parents: CLICK HERE

AB 659 – Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Advisory: CLICK HERE

AB 665 – State-Sanctioned Kidnapping: CLICK HERE

AB 957 Courts Affirming Transgender Children and Disregard Parents: CLICK HERE

AB 1120 – Mental Health Screenings in Schools: CLICK HERE

AB 1314 – Notify Parents of Gender Change in Schools: CLICK HERE

SB 407 – Requiring Foster Parents to Affirm Gender Confusion: CLICK HERE

AB 315 – Endangering Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers: CLICK HERE

AB 576 – Government Funded Abortion Pills: CLICK HERE

AB 598 – Teaching Students How to Access Abortion: CLICK HERE

AB 1078 – State Control Over School Curriculum: CLICK HERE

Stop the Assault on American Sovereignty: CLICK HERE

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