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2024 Legislation
Written by Real Impact
Updated this week

AB 598 – Mandatory CA Healthy Youth Survey: CLICK HERE

AB 602 – Targeting Pregnancy Centers: CLICK HERE

AB 2490 – Training Emergency Personnel to Provide Abortions: CLICK HERE

SB 233 – Licensing Arizona Doctors to Provide Abortions in California: CLICK HERE

AB 2670 – Abortion Awareness Campaign: CLICK HERE

AB 2085 – Rushing Permitting Abortion Clinics: CLICK HERE

AB 1352 – Targeting School Board Members: CLICK HERE

SB 954 – Condom Distribution at Schools: CLICK HERE

SB 1368 – Providing Students Information on Pregnancy Resource Centers: CLICK HERE

SB 1435 – Banning Obscene Materials in Grades K-8: CLICK HERE

SCA 1 – Lieutenant Governor Fills Role of Recalled Governor: CLICK HERE

AB 544 – Voting in County Jails: CLICK HERE

SB 94 – Resentencing for Convicted Persons: CLICK HERE

AB 941 – Formation of Committee to research Use of Hallucinogenics: CLICK HERE

SB 933 – Punishments for Possessing & Distributing AI Generated Child Pornography: CLICK HERE

AB 1831 – Punishments for Possessing & Distributing AI Generated Child Pornography: CLICK HERE

SB 1414 – Increasing Punishments for Soliciting Prostitution from a Minor: CLICK HERE

AB 1856 – Punishing the Distribution of Explicit AI Generated Images: CLICK HERE

AB 1804 – Decreases Amount of Fentanyl Possession for Wiretap Approval: CLICK HERE

SB 94 – Reduction of Prisoner Life Sentences: CLICK HERE

SB 268 – Rape of An Intoxicated Person as a Violent Felony: CLICK HERE

AB 2034 – Punishing Loitering for Prostitution in Public Places: CLICK HERE

AB 2646 – Punishing Loitering for Prostitution Around Schools: CLICK HERE

AB 3146 – Protect Kids & Parental Notification: CLICK HERE

SB 957 – State Data Collection of Gender Identity: CLICK HERE

AB 3031 – LGBTQ+ State Commission: CLICK HERE

SB 959 – State Website with Resources for Transgender Protections and Services: CLICK HERE

AB 2442 – Expediting Licensing Process for Transgender Services: CLICK HERE

AB 1825 – Allowing Sexual Content in Public Libraries: CLICK HERE

AB 1955 – Prohibiting Parental Notification Policies: CLICK HERE

SB 729 – Forced Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment: CLICK HERE

SB 646 – Relief for Victims of Human Trafficking: CLICK HERE

AB 1811 – Allowing Non-citizens to be Jurors: CLICK HERE

SB 1012 – Government Approved Psychedelic Therapy: CLICK HERE

AB 2319 – Implicit Bias Training for Perinatal and Prenatal Providers: CLICK HERE

SB 1160 – Enhancing Punishments for Illegally Possessing a Firearm: CLICK HERE

SB 894 – Targeting Pastors for Sexual Contact: CLICK HERE

AB 3080 – Protecting Minors from Viewing Obscene Content: CLICK HERE

SB 1196 – Expanding Assisted Suicide: CLICK HERE

S 3571 – Families' Rights and Responsibilities Act: CLICK HERE

HR 79 – Stop the Assault on American Sovereignty: CLICK HERE

HR 15 – Threatens Religious Freedom: CLICK HERE

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