PROPOSITION 1 - An amendment to the CA Constitution to include abortion up to the moment before a baby is born.

Proposition 1 is TOO EXTREME - even for California. It will be on the November 2022 ballot and, if passed by the voters, it will amend the CA Constitution to guarantee that a fully developed baby in the womb, moments away from birth, can legally be aborted. Passage of Proposition 1 will guarantee abortion without limits in California. It's inhumane, It's cruel. It should be illegal.

The thought of terminating the life of a viable baby who is ready to take his or her first breath is abhorrent to most Californians. We must speak up. We must inform others so they can speak up. Every voter must know the truth about this proposition.

Powerful people are actively campaigning to pass Prop 1 and guarantee that this "right" to unlimited, late-term abortion is enshrined in the CA Constitution. However, TOGETHER, we can organize and spread the truth about Proposition 1. We MUST defeat it in November in order to prevent this detestable practice from being guaranteed in CA for many years to come.

*Real Impact will be involved in a campaign to stand against Proposition 1. More details regarding that campaign will be made available soon.*

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