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Releasing Music

Discover essential metadata guidelines and key information to know before and during the release upload process.


Find quick answers to commonly asked questions in this collection.

Digital Service Providers

Get familiar with our partner digital service providers (DSPs) and how your music appears on their platforms.

Managing Artist Pages

Everything you need to know about claiming and accessing artist pages, and getting verified as an artist in social media platforms.

Spotify for Artists

Learn how to claim and customise your Spotify for Artists profile, analyse your streaming data, and effectively promote your music on Spotify.

Post Upload

Streamline your music management with our articles on metadata update requests, moving your catalogue to Record Union, and boosting your chances of landing on playlists.

Pricing & Terms

Get clear on our pricing and terms, and understand the costs associated with our services.

Royalties & Stats

Learn how to track your revenue, interpret your streaming data, and generate detailed sales reports.


Learn to set up payout methods, request withdrawals, and track payment history with step-by-step guidance for smooth and efficient royalty management.

Taxes and Declaring Royalties

Know more about tax obligations, how to report your music earnings, and the necessary documentation for tax season.


Understand your role as an A&R representative at Record Union.