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More info about "Sources" in Spotify Trends
More info about "Sources" in Spotify Trends
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The "Sources" info in Spotify Trends breaks your streams down according to their origin within Spotify. This is really useful as it gives you an understanding of how fans are listening to your music.

Below is an explanation of what each source means:

Collection – This denotes streams which are from the listeners own playlists or their “my music” section. A lot of plays from here indicates that people have added your music to their own collections.

Artist – Streams which were made from the artist page on Spotify. This means listeners have visited your artist page and played the music from there.

Others playlist – This stream came from a playlist on Spotify which was not created by the listener. If the playlist had over 110 unique listeners the previous week, you will be able to see it in the playlist tab in the Trends feature. A large amount of plays from others playlists is great - if it's a low amount you should try to get more people to include your music in playlists.

Album – These are streams which were played from the release page on Spotify. In practice, this means the listener clicked on the album (from e.g. the search results or their “my music page”) and then played the song.

Search – Streams which came from a search results page i.e. the listener searched for the music and clicked to play it from the search results.

Other – These are streams which come from none of the other options.

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