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How to Export all selected records
How to Export all selected records

In this video we show you how to simply export all numbers and selected records

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In REISift you can export records, but also only specific numbers from those records, In this video we show you how to simply export all numbers and selected records.

The options you choose under the phone type, status, and tag section on export determine which phone numbers are exported.

All selected records will be exported but only the phone numbers that meet the criteria for the options you are selecting will be included in the csv.

This is by design so you can select to include or exclude certain phone types, phone statuses, or phone tags.

Selecting Records to Export

To export records, filter for the records you want to export, then select all records.

After selecting the records, go to Manage -> Export

Exporting Specific Phone Types, Phone Status and/or Phone Tags

The default options selected when exporting will include only phone numbers with Correct, Wrong, No Answer, Dead, or DNC phone status, shown in the example below.

You can choose which phone statuses you want to export by selecting and de-selecting. Options in dark blue are selected. Options in grey are NOT selected and will not be included in the csv.

If you have not switched over to using phone statuses yet, you can still export by phone tag. Phone tags are located in the Numbers That: section. You can choose to include or exclude specific phone tags.

Exporting ALL Phone Numbers

To export ALL phone numbers, regardless of type, phone status, or phone tag, de-select each option under include numbers by status. Once you've deselected the options, click next.

Name the File

Next you'll name the file. File names are optional but we recommend naming your file and practicing good naming/organization because it makes it much easier to understand what you were exporting if you need to go back and download files at a later date.

Downloading the File

You can track the status of and download the export from the Activity -> Download section of your account.

Enqueued status means the export is in line to be processed. Processing means the export is processing. Once the status shows as complete, you'll be able to download the file. To download, click download to the right of the file.

The download time depends on how the large the file is and your internet speed.

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