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Uploading Property Files within a Record
Uploading Property Files within a Record

How to upload documents within the Property Files section of your REISift account

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In this article we describe how to upload documents in the Property Files section within a record.

Uploading your property files allows you to keep all information associated with the property record within REISift. Any of your team members that have access to the record will also be able to download and view the documents you upload.

You can upload tax bills, information regarding liens or code violations, repair estimates for flips, any document associated with the property, you can upload within the property files section in REISift.

Accessing and Uploading Property Files

From the Records page, click on a property record to open it. Next, select the Property Files tab located just below the map and photos section.

To upload a file, drag and drop or click in the upload files section to browse and upload from your computer. You can upload a single file or multiple files at once, up to 20.

To add additional files, click Add New.

Downloading and Viewing Property Files

To view a file that was uploaded, click the arrow to the right of the name of the file. This will download the file to your computer and allow you to view it.

Deleting Property Files

You can delete property files by hovering over the 3 dots to the right of the file name, and selecting delete.

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