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Tracking Offers in REISift
Tracking Offers in REISift

How to Add New Offers, Update Offers, and view Offer History

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In this article we teach you how to track offers in your REISift account.

Offer information is located on the Property Details page. To view or enter offers, click Records from the left side bar of your account, and click to open the property record you want to view or enter the offer for.

Offers are located under the Property Overview tab.

Adding New Offers

To add a new offer, click the Add New Offer button.

After clicking Add New Offer, enter the Offer Amount, Offer Status, and any notes pertaining to the offer (optional). If the status is Accepted, enter the Agreed Amount and click Submit Offer.

Once the Offer is submitted, you'll see the offer details in the Property Overview tab.

The following statuses are available when submitting offers:

  • Accepted - owner accepts the offer

  • Rejected - owner rejects the offer

  • Seller Considering - negotiating

  • Canceled - offer is canceled

Updating an Offer

To update an offer, click Update Offer and enter the new status or details of the offer.

Once you have entered the new details, click Save Changes to update.

Viewing Offer History

All offer history is logged to the Activity log within a record. You can view the offer history by clicking See Offer History on the Property Overview tab.

Offer history can also be accessed by clicking the Activity Log from within the record. To see only offer information, filter by Offer Events.

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