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Property Details vs Owner Details
Property Details vs Owner Details

Overview of the Property and Owner Details pages

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In REISift we create two separate profiles, a profile for the property address, and a profile for the owner.

Information specifically related to the property is located on the Property Details page. Any information related to the owner, for example owner contact information is located on the Owner Details page.

Property Details

The Property Details page can be accessed by clicking to open a record from the Records page.

This page contains all information specifically related to the property, for example, occupancy status, assignee, property status, property temperature, map and gallery, and tasks associated with the property.

Phone numbers and email addresses actually belong to the owner, but we will display them on the property details page for each property they own.

Property overview

Under the property overview tab, you'll see marketing attempt counter where you can update call, direct mail attempts, SMS, and RVM attempts. These attempt counters are specifically for the property, so you can track marketing attempts per this property address. This is separate from the Owner Marketing Attempts found under the Owner Records page.

This section also includes additional information about the property, property offers and any lists and tags associated with the property.

Message Board

The message board is a perfect place to take notes related to the property. List results of conversation between the owner, property condition, etc.

For more information on the Message Board, please see Message Board Explained

Activity Log

The activity log displays a history of events and changes made to the property, for example, property status change, upload history, any changes to lists and tags, when a task is added or completed, etc.

You can filter event by type, by user, and by date range.

Additional Info

The Additional Info tab shows additional information related to the property including:

  • Structure Characteristics

  • Land Details

  • Tax Details

  • Sale Details

  • Lien Details

  • Probate Details

  • Foreclosure Details

  • Bankruptcy Details

  • Divorce Details

  • Mortgage Details

  • Ownership Details

  • Direct Mail Details

To view more information, click the arrows to expand each category. You can edit or add information to each category by clicking the pencil icon. This information can also be added on upload.

Property Files

You can upload documents associated with the property in the property files section.
To upload, drag and drop or click to browse and upload from your computer.

For more information on how to upload Property Files, please see Uploading Property Files within a Record

Owner Details

The Owner Details page can be accessed by clicking the owner name from the Records page, or by clicking the owner name from within the Property Details page.

On this page, you’ll see any information specifically related to the owner: owner contact information, number of properties owned, number of properties with sold status and lead, total offers and calls made, verified number percentage and total investment.

Offers made is the total number of offers made for all properties owned by the owner.

Calls made is linked to the owner marketing attempts located just below the owner emails. This attempt counter is separate from the property marketing attempts.

Call attempts, Direct Mail Attempts, SMS, and RVM attempt counters on the owners page are specifically related to the amount of times you contact the owner. These do not automatically increment when you update the property marketing attempts. You can use the Owner marketing attempts to track the amount of attempts per owner.

Verified numbers is the percentage of correct numbers or numbers with the Correct phone status associated with the owner.

Total Investment is the total amount of accepted offers for properties owned by that owner.

The Properties tab will display any properties owned by this owner in your account.

Owner Message Board

There is a separate message board for the owner. This is a great place to add any notes specifically about the owner or their situation.

Owner Activity Log

The Owner Activity Log displays a history of events or changes made related to the owner phone contact information. When phone numbers or email addresses are added or deleted, or a phone status changes the event will be listed on both the property and owner activity log.

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