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How to Search for Records in Your REISift Account
How to Search for Records in Your REISift Account

Utilizing the Search Bar to Search for Records

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Accessing the Records Search Bar

To access the search bar, click Records on the left side bar of your account. The Records page is where all the records you upload into your REISift account will be located.

There are multiple ways to search for records in REISift. You can search by typing in the street address or owner name, or by selecting one of the options within the search bar. Here you can search by property address, or by mailing address, phone number, phone type, or owner name.

Searching by Property Address

To search by exact street address, enter the street address in the same format it is listed in your REISift account, and the search will return results for property address or mailing address matching what you have entered.

When selecting the Address option, begin typing the address and we will populate the results as you type. With this option, we are searching for what the address starts with. You will need to enter in the street address in order to see results.

For example, to search for 123 Main St., begin typing 123 Main.

Searching by Street Name Only

Type address_text: in the search bar followed by the street name. This will search for any address containing the key word. This can also be used to search by street number or street direct.

For example, typing address_text: shirley returns results for any addresses containing "shirley".

Searching by Mailing Address

Searching by Mailing address is similar to searching by property address. Here you have the option to search by:

  • Mailing Zip code

  • Mailing State

  • Mailing City

  • Mailing County

  • Mailing Country

This will return results for any mailing addresses that match what you are searching for.

Searching by Owner Name

When searching by owner name, you can search by Full Name which will search by owners full name as it is listed in your REISift account, or you can search by First Name only or Last Name only.

Searching by Phone Number or Phone Type

Phone number and phone type search options are located under the mailing address search option. The phone numbers belong to the owner and are displayed on each property that owner owns.

The acceptable formats when searching by Phone Number are:

  • No spaces 1234567891

  • Spaces 123 456 7891

  • Dashes 123-456-7891

  • Brackets (123)4567891

  • Brackets and dashes (123)456-7891

The acceptable formats when searching by Phone Type are:

  • Unknown

  • Landline

  • Mobile

  • VoIP

Note: You can also filter by Property or Mailing Zip code, state, city, county and by Phone type. For more information on Filtering records, please see Filter Records Overview

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