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Formatting Images for Direct Mail
Formatting Images for Direct Mail

How to Format and Upload Custom Images for Direct Mail Campaigns

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Before customizing your mail designs with your images, you must ensure the photos have the correct size and ratio.

We've created some templates in Canva to help you get your images to the correct size.

After opening the template, click Use template for new design in order to edit.

A couple of things before you go into how to format your images:

  • Printed media requires high-resolution images, unlike digital screens, so ensure your pictures are not super small.

  • For the best display of logo files, it is recommended to have a transparent background.

How to Format the Images

1 - Upload the Picture to the Canva Template

Drag the Image from your computer to the Canva template file.

2 - Resize the Image

Please ensure that your Image covers the entire canvas, and use the handles to increase the Image size. And don't worry; Canva won't distort your Image while doing that.

3 - Frame the Image

Move the Image around to frame the picture correctly.

4 - Download the Image

5- Upload the Image to REISift and add it to a mail design

Upload custom images under the Direct Mail -> Settings section of your account. After uploading, be sure to Save Changes towards the top right.

The following postcard templates allow for custom images:

  • Family Streetview

  • Picture Postcard Type

  • Picture Doodle

  • Absentee Doodle Streetview

  • Picture Postcard Streetview

To add your custom image, click the icon next to the photo. Any photos you added under the Direct Mail Settings will appear for you to select.

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