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What does it mean to make my restoration project “public”?
What does it mean to make my restoration project “public”?
Updated over a week ago

Setting a site to "public" means it can be viewed by anyone with access to the Restor platform. Your site will appear in searches, be shareable between users on Restor, and appear on our global restoration project map. All of the information you enter into Restor about your site (including pictures) can be seen by anyone using Restor. To set a site to "public," you have to provide a minimum amount of project-specific information, such as:

  • Site Status - Planning, Ongoing, Completed

  • Site type - Restoration, Conservation, Landscape, Area of Interest

  • Intervention type - Active restoration, Agroforestry, Assisted Natural Regeneration, Conservation and Ecosystem Protection, Human Disturbance Removal, Passive Natural Regeneration, Restoring Natural Disturbance Regimes, Sustainable Agriculture, Other

  • Intervention start date

  • Goals - Comply with legislation, Conserve biodiversity, Counteract climate change, Cultural or spiritual significance, Enhance ecosystem processes, Provide employment, Regulate ecosystem services, Other

  • Support sought - Coordination, Expertise, Financial, Monitoring, Volunteers, Employees, Other

plus any other additional information you choose to add. If your site is set to "private", it will NOT appear on our global map and is viewable to only you and the Restor accounts that you have explicitly granted access to.

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