Collector makes it easy for your warehouse and operations teams to know when a return is coming back and mark the product's disposition. 

Collector is utilized after the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) has been created by the customer, shipped, and received by the retailer or 3PL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of barcode scanner should be used in conjunction with Collector? 

Any scanner will work, as long as it can decipher Code 39. The majority of scanners available have the ability to read Code 39.

Do I need a barcode scanner to use Collector?

No. If you do not have a barcode scanner, the RMA number can be typed into the search bar in lieu of using a scanner. 

If I acquire an Item as "Ready for Resale," will it automatically be added back into inventory?

Acquiring an item as "ready for resale" does not automatically add it back into inventory, unless  the Enable Item Restocking button inside of collector is active.  If Restocking is enabled, it will automatically update the inventory inside of Shopify.  You can enable item restocking here.

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