Visit Originate RMA to begin creating an RMA manually inside of Originate. Once on the Originate home page follow these steps:  

  1. Select the green “Create RMA” button at the top right of the screen 

  2. Input the order number you are creating an RMA for in the search bar 

  3. Select the order number from the dropdown list that appears for the order 

  4. Locate the and select the green “Select” button 

  5. Determine which item you would like to create an RMA for and select the check box next to the item 

  6. Fill out the required return type, return reason and comment filled. Select “Continue” when finished 

  7. Click “Select” for the shipping type you would like for the RMA and hit “Continue”.

Additional Information: If you are getting stuck when selecting the shipping type, review the “Returning” address. Check to see that the address is valid.

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