Visit the Dispositions under Collector in your Settings. 

To add a disposition, select the green “Add Disposition” and fill out the required fields followed by “Save”. 

Default dispositions definitions: 

  • Ready for Resale: The item has no damage can be sold right away. 

  • Liquidate: The item cannot be resold 

  • Damaged: The item has been blemished 

  • Incomplete: The item has missing parts. 

  • Additional Units: If customers sends back an empty box or wrong item.

  • Unassigned: Use this option if you have not decided on what to do with the product. 

To remove a disposition, select the red trash can next to the disposition you would like to remove. 

To edit a disposition, select the blue pencil next to the disposition and make the change you would like. To finalize the changes, select the “Save” button. 

Additional Information: Dispositions should be customized to fit your team’s definition so products can be moved to the next step along your internal workflow. 

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