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How to Setup Your Return Window (Default Return Policy)
How to Setup Your Return Window (Default Return Policy)

Learn how to set the number of days a product is eligible to be refunded, exchanged, warranty claimed, or returned for store credit.

Written by Abbey Wolfe
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The Return Window or Default Return Period allows you to set a default amount of days in which a return can be initiated.

How to set up a Return Window:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Returns - Originate > Return Types.

  2. Select the "blue pencil icon" to edit the selected Return Type.

  3. Scroll down to the "Default Return Policy"

  4. Enter the amount of days you would like products to be eligible for return for the selected Return Type.

  5. Select "Save"

The Return Window for your store's Return Center is set in the Return Types Page

Would you rather do an interactive walkthrough within ReturnLogic? Click Here to take the product walkthrough tour!

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