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How to Manually Create a Return for a Shopper
How to Manually Create a Return for a Shopper

Learn how to create an RMA for a shopper from inside ReturnLogic.

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You can easily create a Return for a shopper manually in the Admin Portal. This can come in handy if you're live chatting with a shopper or speaking with them on the phone. 

Step by Step Process:

  1. Click "Create RMA" on the Originate page.

  2. Enter the shopper's Order Number in the search bar and select the order.

  3. Select the products to be returned, set the Return Type, and Return Reasons. 

  4. Select the Shipping Type to determine how the Shopper will ship back the item they wish to return and click "Next".

  5. Select the shipping option you'd like to use for the Return Shipping Label.

  6. If exchanging, select the product the shopper would like in exchange.

  7. Complete the Return. Upon completion an email will be sent to the shopper confirming their return and if applicable giving them a return shipping label to print.

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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