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How a Return Works: Authorized, Approved, Processed, and Complete
How a Return Works: Authorized, Approved, Processed, and Complete

Learn to approve, process, and complete returns and the automations they trigger when you're working on a Return (RMA) in Originate.

Written by Abbey Wolfe
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Configuring Your Account Settings:

When you're setting up your ReturnLogic account, you can choose to manually or automatically authorize incoming returns. You can adjust these settings in the RMA Authorization" section of your General Policies settings.

"Manually Authorize" - Enabling this feature means RMAs need to go through the process of being "Accepted" or "Rejected" by your customer service team. In this process, a shopper will receive an "RMA Requested" email notification informing them their return request is being reviewed. 

"Automatically Authorize" - This skips this process and automatically authorizes the shopper's return upon request through the Returns Center. In this process, the shopper immediately receives an "RMA Success" email notification. This email informs them that the RMA has been accepted and advises them of the next steps to take.

Processing Your Returns After Authorization:

Begin the process by selecting an RMA that has been marked as "Received" in Originate. With the RMA open, select the "Unapproved" slider to "Approved". This opens up the fields below "Sales Tax, Discounts, Shipping, Deductions & Fees" and applies any of those additional amounts to the return subtotal. 

If there are multiple items in the same refund, the "Unapproved" or "Approved" slider can be utilized by only choosing the items you deem to be allowed to be included in the refund amount. 

Important Note: If you process any refund items with the "Unapproved" slider, the shopper will not be able to choose this product through the Return Center in the future. 

"Apply Discounts" - This button will appear when completing an exchange. You can select this to see an updated calculation.

"Process" - Clicking this button triggers: 

  • Refund - A refund is issued through the original payment gateway to the card used on the original transaction. 

  • Exchange - Push draft orders to live orders or sends an invoice to the shopper if they've purchased more than their exchange credit.

  • Gift Card for Store Credit - Gift cards are either created automatically or manually depending on e-commerce platform and your subscription with that platform.

  • Warranty - A similar process to exchange, pushing draft orders to live or sending out an invoice.

"Process Manually" - This option is available if you want to bypass any of the actions from the "Process" button. A typical use case is merchants have to refund, exchange, credit, create warranty outside of ReturnLogic and still want to account for the RMA. 

"Complete" - This action marks the RMA as finished; all tasks for this RMA has been done. When selecting on this, no further adjustments can be done to the RMA, including edits to any internal notes.

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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