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Automated RMA Processing (Version 1) | 3.15.0
Automated RMA Processing (Version 1) | 3.15.0

Learn more about automatic processing and additional features from Release 3.15.0

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Automatically Process Returns

Returns aren't time consuming anymore. With Black Friday right around the corner, you need to be focused on growing your business as much as possible. Reclaim hours back in your day by automating all or a portion of your returns volume.

How to Configure These Settings:

Go to your automatic RMA processing settings under originate settings.

For each return type, you can trigger automatic processing at the following steps in the return process:

  1. Manual - The return will not get automatically processed

  2. On Creation – As soon as a return is created the return type will be processed (There may be a slight delay between when a return is created and when the return type is processed)

  3. Authorized – Automatically processed when the return is authorized

You can also set additional limitations for each return type:

  1. Exclude from Processing if a Discount was Applied - Exclude certain or all return types from automatically processing if a discount was applied to any of the items being returned

  2. Automatically Process All Exchanges or Only Variant Exchanges - Choose to either automatically process all exchanges or only exchanges where all returned products match the requested products

  3. Exclude from Processing if Third Party Warranty - Excludes all Third Party Warranty claims from automatic processing

Notes: If all return types or items on the RMA are automatically processed, the RMA will automatically be marked as completed. In addition, users on Shopify Standard will still need to process Store Credit Returns using the Shopify Standard Method.

New Warehouse Management System Integration: ShipHero

ShipHero is an agile D2C supply chain solution that powers both individual merchants and third party logistic providers. With our new ReturnLogic & ShipHero integration, once a return is marked as "in-transit" by the shipping carrier, a return will be automatically generated in ShipHero. You can set this integration up in your Integration Settings.

Reorder How Return Types Will Display in Your Return Center

Choose the order your return type options will be displayed to your shoppers in your Return Type Settings. Simply drag & drop the return type rows to change the order of appearance in the return center.

Look up Products by SKU in Backend Product Catalog

Find the products you're looking for faster by searching by SKU. Unlike product names, product SKUs are usually unique. If a catalog has similarly titled products, SKU search allows you to quickly find the exact product you're looking for.

Set Pre-Defined Purchase Locations for Third Party Warranties

The location of purchase is one of the most important pieces of information we collect and utilize on a third-party warranty claim. First and foremost, it enables better and more accurate decision making in the approval process for third party warranties. Additionally, it provides a mechanism for merchants to benchmark product performances across third party resellers.

To ensure the purchase location data is accurate, provide your shoppers with a pre-defined list of purchase locations to choose from when submitting their third party warranty claim.

How to Configure These Settings:

  1. Go to your Third Party Warranty settings under originate settings.

  2. After enabling Third Party Warranties, select "Add Purchase Location" at the bottom of the page.

New Return Statuses: Partially Processed and Partially Received

Identify when an outstanding item needs to be processed or received on existing returns.

  1. Partially Received – A return will have the status of Partially Received if some but not all of its return items have been received.

  2. Partially Processed – A return will have the status of Partially Processed when only part of the return has been processed. For example, if a return has a refund and an exchange, but only the exchange is processed, the return will have a status of Partially Processed.

How It Works:

  1. Filtering - You can filter by the return status of both Partially Received and Partially Processed in Collector and Originate.

  2. Identifying - If a return has been Partially Received or Partially Processed its status will be displayed with an asterisk: received* and processed*, respectively.

Other Enhancements:

  • For Exchanges and Warranties phone numbers added in ReturnLogic will automatically be added to the shipping address on draft orders in Shopify.

  • Within Orders Beta you can now delete order items when creating a pseudo order in ReturnLogic.

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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