Introducing our Open API

We’ve opened our API to deliver new features faster, work with more platforms, and create a community focused on solving one problem: making returns easier and better for everyone.

Why did we open our API?

In short, we opened our API because returns and reverse supply chains are the most complicated problems left for e-commerce retailers to figure out.

The average e-commerce reverse logistics tech stack includes a 3PL, WMS/IMS, ERP, CRM, BI, and returns management platform. To add to the complexity, retailers have tons of options for each tool. What does that lead to? Scattered data, miscommunication, and tons of manual work.

The best way to find simple solutions to complex problems is to work together.

What does life look like with an open API?

Once retailers can connect their 3PL, IMS, WMS, ERP, CRM, BI, and Returns Management Platform, they’ll be able to:

  • Have visibility into each step of the entire reverse supply chain.

  • Share accurate and up-to-date information across teams and departments.

  • Better understand and serve customers.

  • Automate tasks, so no need to manually field each email or enter each RMA into a spreadsheet.

  • Optimize the entire returns process, so you aren’t leaking dollars or losing customers.

What’s new and what’s available in our API right now?

To start, we’ve included the necessities: Product, Order, and RMA endpoints. For developers, that means you’re able to connect to various portions of your tech stack in any programming language.

Check out our developer docs here:

If you're integrating to a WMS, here's a typical outline: Integrate Your WMS

How do you get started?

While our goal is to simplify returns, APIs are complex and require a developer. If you have a developer, the next step is to generate an API key.

Here is a walkthrough: How to Locate Your API Key

What’s on the horizon?

This is just the beginning. Coming soon, we’re putting together a forum for developers to chat, comment, and solve problems as a community.

More to come. Stay tuned...

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