2021 Changelog Summary

Check out all the changes that we've made to improve the ReturnLogic platform in the year 2021.

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This year has been crazy to say the least. However, at ReturnLogic we haven't stopped working to improve your e-commerce returns experience. Here is a review of all the improvements we've added to the ReturnLogic platform in the year 2021.

Giving the Gift of Templates

To make life easier on our merchants, ReturnLogic now offers pre-built return center templates.

These templates are built to only require one to copy & paste the code. However, the fun doesn't stop there. Each template can be customized to your own liking using CSS coding.

Bundling + Kitting Returns For Your Shopify Store

Support of Refunds on entire bundles.

Shoppers can now initiate a refund on an ENTIRE bundle.

Support of Warranty and Exchanges on individual items within a bundle.

Your shoppers can now initiate an exchange or warranty on any INDIVIDUAL items within your bundle.

CSV upload ability for bundles.

Do you offer multiple bundle options for your shoppers? Great! You can now upload bundles using CSV right in ReturnLogic.

Release 3.20.0

Third-Party Warranty Menu Options.

Third-Party Warranty Menu Options allow merchants to create specific menus based on the type of products they offer (Ex. Shirts, Pants, Watches).

Exchange Tags.

New exchange orders will now have the tag "Exchange" added to them.

Developer Accounts and Test Mode.

We have now added a developer account and test mode feature that will allow merchants and third-party developers to test our platform without getting billed for RMAs.

Additional Order Endpoints.

Through our API, we have added the ability to:

  1. Update an Order

  2. Update an Order Item

  3. Remove an Item from an Order

Release 3.19.0

General Features and Improvements.

View Filtered Lists From the RMA Homepage Link.

With the new release, all the numbers on the Homepage are now clickable and will take you to a filtered list view of all those RMAs!

Shipping For Warranty Draft Orders.

You can now automatically add shipping to all newly generated warranty orders.

Add Images When Creating a Return Manually.

You can now add images to RMA's when creating returns on behalf of shoppers within Originate.

Save Internal Notes At Any Time During a Return.

Previously, a Customer Service team member was unable to save notes when an RMA was completed, unauthorized, or receipt validation was enabled and the Warehouse team had yet to receive the return. This can now be done at any step in the returns process.

Third-Party Warranty Features and Improvements.

Third-Party Warranty Product Write Ins.

If a product no longer exists in your catalog, or a shopper is struggling to find their product during the third-party warranty process, shoppers are now able to add details about their purchase instead of finding the exact product.

Finding all Third-Party Warranties Containing an Unverified Product.

You can now filter your Originate list to only display third-party warranties that contain an unverified product.

No Shipping and Free Shipping Options For Third-Party Warranties.

In addition to customer shipping, you can now provide No Shipping and Free Shipping options for Third-Party Warranties.

Third-Party Warranty Review Page Customizations

You can now customize the language on the status page specifically for Third-Party Warranties.

API Features and Improvements

Product Endpoints and Order Endpoints.

You can now integrate with platforms beyond Shopify!

Disposition Information in the API.

The following disposition information will now be available through the API.

  1. Code

  2. Comment

  3. Restock Processed

  4. Restock Quantity

Flagging RMAs through the API.

Developers will be able to flag RMA items using the Flag RMA endpoint under the RMA resource.

Release 3.18.0

Secondary Return Reasons.

Better returns data means you can make meaningful business changes to reduce your return rate.

Primary Return Reasons give you a broad overview of why a product is being returned; for example, shoppers are returning a specific pair of pants because it is "too big". Secondary Return Reasons allow you to go the next layer deep to understand what part of the pant is too big. Were the pant legs too long? Was the waist too loose?

Reordering Primary Return Reasons.

Worried that your shoppers are just selecting the first return reason that appears? You can now change the order that primary return reasons are displayed.

Automated Processing: Out of Stock Products, Returns of Exchanges, No Shipping, and Improved Filtering.

You can now disable automatic processing for items that are out of stock, or are a return of an exchange.

Packaging Slips Contain Return Type & Shopper's Comment.

The return type and shopper comments will now be displayed on the packaging slip.

Store Credit Expiration Dates.

You can set expiration dates for store credits so that the credit expires after a specified number of days.

Gift Returns are Easier for Shoppers: Initiate Returns Using Either Order Name or Order Number.

It no longer matters if your store uses prefix/postfix on orders. Gift returners can now lookup their return in the gift return section of your Return Center with either the order number or the order number with a prefix/postfix (Order Name). This means they're less likely to experience friction in the Return Center.

Release 3.17.0

A Simplified Originate View and Enhanced Filtering.

If you're automating your returns process with Automated RMA Processing, your Originate View will only show you returns that need your attention. But don't worry - if you need to find or view any return, there's a filter for that!

Flag a Return to Prevent Auto-Processing.

More automation is not always better. That's especially true with returns, since there is a good deal of business logic and exceptions involved. With our new flagging feature, you'll be able to prevent returns fraud while still saving hours a week by flagging specific returns to not automatically process.

VAT Tax Enhancements.

For merchants who adhere to VAT tax policies where tax is included in the price of the product, the tax of your products will not be re-added to the total return amount.

Create Standard International Labels.

The beauty of eCommerce is that you can sell anywhere and to anyone. The downside is that can lead to a logistical nightmare. The reality is only a few carriers support international, cross-border return labels. To help widen your carrier options, we're allowing you to create standard shipping labels for your international shoppers. So you can sell to anyone, anywhere with no worries.

Release 3.16.0

Automatically Process Returns (V2).

Building on Version 1, Version 2 of Automated RMA Processing allows you to automatically process returns at additional stages. Ensure a return is being mailed back to you by automatically processing the return only when the return status is "in-transit". Or have tighter control by automatically processing exchanges when the return status is "delivered" but only processing refunds when they've been inspected.

Third Party Warranty Exclusions.

Any product tag you add in your Exchange Exclusions will now exclude those same tagged products from your shopper-facing Third Party Warranty Catalog.

Customer Tags to Trigger Automated Workflows after a Third Party Warranty.

You've already been growing your marketing list by capturing the email addresses of shoppers who submit a third party warranty. Now, you can take action by triggering automated marketing workflows as these new shoppers engage with your brand. When ReturnLogic passes the shopper data from a Third Party Warranty to Shopify, it'll now also add a customer tag titled "Third Party Warranty". Depending on your marketing software and configurations, this allows you to automatically add these new shoppers to marketing campaigns or trigger marketing workflows.

Warranty Custom Product Enhancements.

You can now set custom products in warranties as taxable and shippable.

Release 3.15.0

Automatically process returns.

Returns aren't time consuming anymore. Reclaim hours back in your day by automating all or a portion of your returns volume.

New Warehouse Management System Integration: ShipHero.

ShipHero is an agile D2C supply chain solution that powers both individual merchants and third party logistic providers. With our new ReturnLogic & ShipHero integration, once a return is marked as "in-transit" by the shipping carrier, a return will be automatically generated in ShipHero. You can set this integration up in your Integration Settings.

Reorder How Return Types Will Display in Your Return Center.

Choose the order your return type options will be displayed to your shoppers in your Return Type Settings. Simply drag & drop the return type rows to change the order of appearance in the return center.

Look up Products by SKU in Backend Product Catalog.

Find the products you're looking for faster by searching by SKU. Unlike product names, product SKUs are usually unique. If a catalog has similarly titled products, SKU search allows you to quickly find the exact product you're looking for.

Set Pre-Defined Purchase Locations for Third Party Warranties.

The location of purchase is one of the most important pieces of information we collect and utilize on a third-party warranty claim. First and foremost, it enables better and more accurate decision making in the approval process for third party warranties. Additionally, it provides a mechanism for merchants to benchmark product performances across third party resellers.

To ensure the purchase location data is accurate, provide your shoppers with a pre-defined list of purchase locations to choose from when submitting their third party warranty claim.

New Return Statuses: Partially Processed and Partially Received.

Identify when an outstanding item needs to be processed or received on existing returns.

New Design and Workflow for Exchanges

Major changes to the New Variant and Full Catalog Exchange workflow within the Return Center.

General improvements to the variant and full catalog exchange workflow to create a smoother returns experience.

Changes to how Originate will handle Full Catalog and Variant Exchanges.

Before this release, Variant Exchanges were classified as an Even Exchange, a 1:1, and shoppers were not automatically charged for any differences in the product costs. We have now implemented the option to charge for New Variant Exchanges.

If you don't choose to charge for Variant Exchanges, shoppers will never be charged for a Variant Exchange. For example, if a shopper exchanges variant A ($20) for variant B ($22), they would not be charged for the difference.

If you do choose to charge for New Variant Exchanges, shoppers will be charged the difference of the catalog price of the requested product less the price of the returned product ($22-$20 = $2).

Major changes to the Originate workflow for creating, editing, and processing exchanges.

New Variant and Full Catalog Exchanges are now split in Originate so merchants can see if there are multiple return types in a single RMA.

We're here to help! Email us at support@returnlogic.com or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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