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How to Manually Process an RMA
How to Manually Process an RMA

Learn how to manually process an RMA in ReturnLogic.

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There are times when you don't want to process an RMA within ReturnLogic, but you do want to hit the "Processed" and "Completed" stages - that's where processing manually comes in. This feature allows you to mark an RMA as processed while taking the processing action (refunding, issuing store credit, taking the draft order live, etc.) outside of the ReturnLogic platform.

How to Manually Process an RMA:

  1. Navigate to Originate and then the RMA that you would like to manually process.

  2. Toggle the Approved slider to open up financial fields and processing.

  3. Click the arrow next to the green Process button, showing the dropdown menu.

  4. Select Process Manually.

  5. Issue the refund, take the draft order live, or issue a gift card outside of ReturnLogic.

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