Start a Return from Your Shopify Order Confirmation Emails.

What is it?

Shoppers can initiate a return by clicking a link inside any order related emails. When a shopper realizes they'd like to return a product, they often return to the order confirmation email and reply. Adding a link to initiate their return right inside this email will reduce the returns-related support emails coming.

How it works:

Example: How to Configure These Settings in Shopify:

To set this up you need to add the link to your Shopify Order Confirmation. In Shopify, go to Settings -> Notifications -> Order Confirmation.

In this email template add a link that points to your return center similar to this template: <a href="{{email}}&order={{order_number}}">Click here for return!</a>

Where YOURSTOREDOMAIN is replaced with the name of your return center. The {{email}} and {{order_number}} fields will be populated by Shopify for each order. You may also replace “Click here for a return!” with your own copy.

Note: If you use email lookup you can use this template that excludes {{order_number}}: <a href="{{email}}">Click here for return!</a>

Have questions? We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions. Enjoy!

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