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ReturnLogic support can often provide guidance when it comes to questions about Shopify but we cannot see your Shopify account information, any of your Shopify settings or any existing integrations within Shopify. For questions related to any of the topics listed below, please consider contacting Shopify or using a Shopify online resource for support.

Shopify Resources

Shopify Topics

Shopify Emails

  1. List of Shopify generated emails

  2. Shopify invoice email

  3. Triggers of Shopify emails

  4. How to customize Shopify emails

Shopify Catalog and Products

  1. Products in catalogs and catalog organization

  2. Product name, product price, product statuses, SKU details, etc.

  3. Product inventory in Shopify

  4. Creating and managing product tags, bulk tagging

Shopify Customer Information

  1. Customer profile information

Shopify Order Information

  1. Orders, draft orders, order timeline

  2. Payments, payment methods, pending refunds, payment gateways, payment details,

  3. Third-party stores that process payments such as Facebook or Instagram

  4. Order tags

Shopify Invoices

  1. Shopify Invoice line items, custom charges, shipping charges, discounts, etc

Integrations with Shopify

  1. Integrations with other platforms that are not ReturnLogic (inventory management, 3PL, accounting, marketing, customer communication, warehouse, etc.)

  2. Shopify Custom Apps

  3. Integrations with other point of sale platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, etc.

Shopify Reports

  1. Shopify Reports

We're here to help! Email us at support@returnlogic.com or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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