Gorgias is a helpdesk for your Shopify store that allows your customer
service teams to manage all of your customer support in one place.

Overview of Gorgias:

With the Gorgias + ReturnLogic integration, you can connect your customer support team directly to detailed return shipping and fulfillment information, so they can answer tickets and start follow-up communications without having to leave the Gorgias system.

If you are not yet a Gorgias customer but are interested in learning more,
please contact partners@returnlogic.com or visit this link.

What Does the Gorgias Integration Do?

The integration between Gorgias and ReturnLogic will sync customer and
returns information from your ReturnLogic account into a corresponding
Gorgias account.

This detailed status information can be used in Gorgias for:

  1. Troubleshooting customer tickets for specific returns - and giving a more detailed answer to "Where is my return?"

  2. Creating customized exchange and warranty workflows for shoppers - giving you the ability to upsell.

  3. Reducing ticket first response time and increasing organization for your customer support team.

  4. Allowing your customer support team to instantly get to the "Order
    Details" page in your e-commerce platform and returns in ReturnLogic
    with 1 click.

What Return Information Can I Access In Gorgias?

Returns Field

Is Third Party

Order Date

Order Email Id

Order Name

Order URL

Receipt Image URL

RL Order Id


RMA Email Id

Workflow Status

Shipping Field

Address 1





Post Code


RMA Field

Accepted Quantity

Create Date

Image Url

Order Id

Orderline Id


Return Reason Code

Return Reason Description


RL RMA Item Id

RMA Item Approval

RMA Item Type


Update Date

Important Notes:

  • Data Syncing: Return Data within Gorgias will only be updated when a ticket is created, a ticket is updated, or a ticket is responded to.

If you would like to force an update of your returns data within Gorgias add an internal note on the ticket, such as “Update Integration”.

  • Returns Actions: At this time, the Gorgias integration does not support
    actions like processing returns or creating returns for an order. If you
    want to request this feature, please contact the Gorgias team at

Check out Gorgias Integration Docs, and ReturnLogic API Docs for more information.

How to Install this Integration

The integration must be installed from your Gorgias account. This integration was built and is maintained by the Gorgias development team and any questions can be directed to Gorgias support (support@gorgias.com).

How to set up the Gorgias integration?

As always, you can reach out to support@returnlogic.com or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions.

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