Gladly: Features and Highlights

Everything you need to know about the Gladly integration with ReturnLogic.

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Gladly is a customer service platform that allows its users to access all of their customer service needs inside one integration.

Overview of Gladly:

With the Gladly + ReturnLogic integration, you can connect your shoppers directly to your customer support team, so they can get their questions answered in real-time. Gladly also allows your customer support team to easily access information on shoppers' returns, right inside ReturnLogic.

What Does the Gladly Integration Do?

  1. Allows shoppers to initiate conversations through a chatbox located on the customer return center.

  2. Allows your customer service team easy access to the shopper's return in ReturnLogic.

  3. Reduces question first response times and increases organization for your customer support team.

Note: A hyperlink will populate under the customer once they have provided their email address.

What Return Information Can I Access In Gladly?




Note: Quickly view all of your shoppers' returns inside ReturnLogic using the link next to "View RMAs"

How to Install this Integration

How to Embed the Sidekick Chatbox.
โ€‹If you do not have a Gladly account reach out to

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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