While your policy and settings are designed to intentionally restrict customers from generating RMAs for items that were purchased, there is a workflow for situations where you decide to make an exception.

If a customer reaches out to your support team about not being able to create an RMA due to your policy, you can still honor their request. This article will explain your options for how to make an exception for customers who need accommodation.

Examples of exceptions a retailer may want to override for customers:

  1. RMA will be created outside of the return window

  2. The item is ineligible for return due to product rule(s)

  3. The item is a final sale product etc.

Manual RMA Creation

To learn about Manual RMA creation and its advantages, click here.

This option allows you to keep all of your returns information within the ReturnLogic platform and reports.

When using the manual RMA creation option, you have the ability to circumvent several kinds of limitations that would normally be imposed by the way your settings are configured. One of those limitations would normally be your restrictions on the return window. Manual RMA creation allows you to create the RMA inside of the platform and bypass the return window settings you may have in place.

Customers who try and are unable to create a return request in the return center may not be aware that your customer success team is able to use the Manual RMA creation option so, in this way, it is totally up to your discretion about when you'd like to accommodate a customer as a special case situation. If you tell a customer that you can't make an exception for them, they will not know any different.

Externally Generated Shipping Labels

If you are working with a shipping provider, you can go to their website or you can contact support to learn how to generate a label outside of the automated label creation workflow of ReturnLogic.

If you generate a label outside of ReturnLogic, you will need to email the shipping label outside of ReturnLogic as well.

To see our Shipping Resource article, click here.

Processing within Shopify

If you create an exchange or warranty RMA in ReturnLogic, it will create a draft order in Shopify. You can manually take this draft order "live" in Shopify by marking the draft order as paid. With this method, you would select manually process in ReturnLogic. This method allows you to keep all of the records of this return within ReturnLogic.

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