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FAQ: Manually creating shipping labels
FAQ: Manually creating shipping labels

Options for manually creating shipping labels.

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In the ReturnLogic workflow, shipping labels are generated when an RMA is created by Manual RMA creation or by shoppers who generate requests in the Return Center.

This article will go over how to generate a shipping label manually.

How can I create a new label for a shopper who already has an RMA?

  1. Generating a new label inside ReturnLogic

    1. Delete the original RMA and create a new RMA by using Manual RMA creation. The manual RMA workflow will prompt you to select which shipping label you'd like to provide to the shopper. When the RMA is created, it will generate a new shipping label.

    2. Before deleting an RMA, it's important to capture all relevant information about the RMA. There is no way to view or edit a deleted RMA. ReturnLogic Support cannot assist with restoring a deleted RMA. To see an in-depth article on the benefits of Manual RMA creation, click here.

  2. Generating a new label outside of ReturnLogic

    1. Go to your shipping provider's website and learn how to generate a shipping label according to their instructions. If needed, contact support. To see the Shipping Provider Resource guide, click here.

    2. After you have generated the new label, email the new shipping label info to your shopper and provide any instructions they will need. Some merchants like to forward copies of customer communication to a company inbox to track email history.

What situations could cause the need for a new shipping label?

  1. A new shipping label with an updated weight and an updated postage cost is needed. This is applicable when an RMA is altered to include more items which in turn changes the weight of the parcel significantly. Similarly, if a shopper is returning fewer items than originally intended at the time the RMA was first created, the weight and cost would become less.

  2. A shipping label created by a different provider is needed. This is applicable for merchants who use multiple shipping label providers and may prefer to use one over the other for certain situations.

  3. A shipping label that offers insurance on items or faster shipping is needed.

  4. A shipping label with a different shipping type than was auto-selected (according to your settings) is needed.

  5. A shipping label is needed because a label wasn't generated when the RMA was first created due to the fact that customer shipping was auto-selected.

What are some best practices for manually generating shipping labels?

  1. If desired, train your staff members who process RMAs on how to generate a shipping label and the differences between various label types that can be generated by your shipping provider(s).

  2. If desired, teach your staff members which kinds of returns should have certain kinds of shipping labels according to your company policy. Be sure to keep your team updated if any of your shipping policies change over time.

How can I record which shoppers received an externally generated shipping label?

Add an Internal note within the corresponding RMA page that a new, externally generated shipping label was sent to the shopper. This can be found at the bottom right-hand side of the RMA page.

How can I track packages for shoppers who received an externally generated label?

Your shipping provider(s) may offer a way to view tracking information within their website. To see the Shipping Provider Resource guide, click here

We're here to help! Email us at or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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