Getting Started - Dashboard and Features

A knowledge base to getting started with

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Navigating through the Timeline of your dashboard.

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Manage your review invitation sending through our invitations guides.

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Help articles for setting up various review collection methods.

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Tech articles on adding review widgets to your website and publishing star ratings to Google.

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Articles to assist with account settings

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Detailed instructions to integrate with popular CMS and Ecom Platforms

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Manage all your user-generated content in one place to create authentic visual shoppable galleries.

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Additional guides for using in different languages.

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In-depth articles on how to analyse your review collection.

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Knowledge Base

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Salesforce &

Detailed setup articles for Salesforce users

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FAQs and Video Guides

Our most popular Frequently Asked Questions in video answer format

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For Consumers

FAQs about how the reviews you have written are collected by businesses

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