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Understanding the online pledge donation process for your supporters
Understanding the online pledge donation process for your supporters

Creating a safe, secure, and simple donation process is critical to promoting a successful fundraiser on Read for My School

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Digital fundraising is all about making sure the donation process seamless and easy for your supporters (donors). With Read for My School, not only do we provide this, but we also provide a way for donors to purchase books from reader's wish lists as well as share donation pages with others to increase your fundraiser reach and profits!!

Understanding your RFMS donation pages

This is your public donation page (screenshot below) that is shared with donors who care about your cause. All users (including you as the administrator of the fundraiser) have a donation page to share which contains your fundraising story as well as a way to collect money directly through your connected Stripe account.

Donors can click to donate as well as write words of encouragement that will be highlighted on all donation pages for your fundraiser.

Once donors successfully make a donation to your fundraiser (via a reader's profile donation page, they will receive a thank you from your school, the ability to purchase a book from a reader's profile book wish list as well as share the page with other potential donors.

Tracking online donations from your administrator dashboard

Once a successful donation has been made, you can go directly to your DONATION WALL page to see the transaction as well as tools to communicate with the donor as well as download your financial report.

For more information about managing your online donations, click here.

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