Digital fundraising is all about making the donation process seamless and easy for your supporters (donors). With Read for My School, not only do we provide this, we also provide a way for donors to share and expand your donation reach and potential!

Step 1: Your RFMS donation page

This is your public donation page that is shared to donors who care about your cause. All users have a donation page to share which contains your fundraising story.

Step 2: Connecting with donors

Once donors click on the donate button, the next page allows them to connect with your supporters by inserting words of encouragement, providing donation amount, contact information, and even whether they (donor) are interested in corporate matching the donation.

Step 3: Credit card processing

RFMS supports both USD and GBP currencies and provides a user-friendly experience to insert all major credit cards.

Step 4: Turning the donor into a social marketer!

Upon successful donation transaction, the donor is presented with a thank you/confirmation page that allows the donor to share your donation page again to generate more pledge donation support! Allowing donors to share your cause increase donation potential and reach to new customers! 

Donors can share your donation page across SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and email!!

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