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How should we handle checks and cash coming from donors who want to support our fundraiser?
How should we handle checks and cash coming from donors who want to support our fundraiser?

Here are some simple options for how to handle check and cash donations with your RFMS fundraiser.

Updated over a week ago

While RFMS is an online fundraising platform that accepts debit and credit card pledge donation transactions, we do understand that sometimes your school will receive checks, money orders, or even cash.

Here are some simple options/solutions you can use:

Option #1: Tracking donations through the Read for My School platform

Once you receive a check or cash from a donor, you first need to deposit it into your organization's bank account. Once the funds are available, log into your administrator account on Read for My School. Next, search for the student to who you want to donate the funds received. Once you've found the beneficiary, click to view their donation page and make the donation directly from you. The student's donation form will allow you to insert the donor's name, email, and message so that the reader understands where the donation is coming from. Once you complete the donation form, use your organization's credit card to complete the transaction. Once donation is made, the student's and overall fundraising records will update automatically.

IMPORTANT: Since this is considered an online transaction on the platform, your donation will be subject to any RFMS or Stripe service fees associated with the online pledge donation transaction.

Option #2: Tracking donations offline

If you are unable to make a donation in the method described in option #1, you will need to track these donations separately so that you keep a record of student progress since records would not be updated on our fundraising platform.  We understand that certain legal restrictions might limit your ability to choose option #1 so we recommend tracking checks and cash offline. In this option, there would be no Service Fees applied to the transaction and you would keep 100% of the profits. 

We advise you to check with your community organization or event administrator to understand which option works best for your school.

For additional assistance, please contact our in-app support team.

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