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Common Questions
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Setting up your custom Inchy Bookworm Reading Revolution ChallengeSample content to get your Inchy's Bookworm Reading Revolution fundraiser ready to go in minutes!
Helpful tips for promoting a successful fundraiser on Read for My SchoolBest practices from customers and our support team to point your fundraiser in the right direction!
Common customer questions to help you design your Read for My School fundraiserUpdated customer questions to help guide you to promote and manage a successful fundraiser.
Tips on sharing my reading challenge with family and friends to launch my fundraiserReady to start raising money? You have a few options to share your fundraiser so your supporters can register and join in on the fun.
Why does Stripe ask for personal information when setting up my account?Stripe requires some personal information of the account holder who will be managing your organization's Stripe account
I'm being told that my PTA/PTO/school bank account can't accept direct deposits for my RFMS fundraiser.With our partnership with Stripe, you don't have to worry about complicated banking issues with your RFMS fundraiser.
Does RFMS have a pledge donation minimum we need to tell our supporters?To manage fees associated with online fundraising, we do require a transaction minimum to support online donations to your fundraiser.
How should we handle checks and cash coming from donors who want to support our fundraiser?Here are some simple options for how to handle check and cash donations with your RFMS fundraiser.
How can I close out my old fundraiser on Read for My School and start a new one?Just follow these simple steps to close out your fundraiser and start a new one on Read for My School.